Fitness & Wellness

Fitness is a continuous and lifelong journey. Finding a good fitness and wellness partner or service is a must because that sets the tone for your health in a longer sense. Being a widely demanded industry, we realize that few understand the depth and science behind health and fitness, so the task becomes difficult when one has to choose.

Health and Fitness industry compliments the Healthcare industry as it acts as the prevention before the cure, making people aware, and putting them on a journey to battle many illnesses.

Therefore, it is essential that if someone is launching a fitness and wellness brand, they have to be thorough with their marketing strategy so that they don't over-commit and under-deliver anything put across as part of advertising.

Introducing SFactor
to the Fitness & Wellness Industry

SFactor is an end-to-end marketing agency with a key focus on marketing for Fitness Brands. We work alongside you to build a platform and help you execute it to a T.

Here's a quick overview of what we do for you:
Development & Marketing

Development & Marketing

Development and Marketing is an essential part of any brand. It ensures to build a meta-space over the internet which provides tools to draw attention and bring audiences to that space so that you can become a success. Every tool and activity requires digital advertising campaigns, where we come in by helping you create a technologically sound and creatively inclined space that garners the right attention from the audience to which you intend to cater.

  • Website Development
  • SEO & PPC
  • Email Marketing

Digital & Content Marketing

Digital has now taken over the personal space of our audiences which requires a new approach for digital marketing strategies in those places. Content is the biggest enabler as it works through images, words, and other multi-media tools and brings forth the brand in a more informal yet emotionally viable way. Together, when clubbed, makes the most powerful marketing duo, that now even possess the power to make or break your brand; the biggest indicator of your success online.

  • Social Media Management
  • Copywriting
  • Photography & Design Support
  • PR
  • Blogs & Guides
  • Guest / Author Articles
  • Testimonials

Digital & Content Marketing
Optimization and Maintenance

Optimization and Maintenance

Ever evolving and dynamic pace of social media marketing requires constant checks so that no area is left with any cobwebs; meaning everything is in its most pristine condition for smooth and efficient functioning.

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