Consumer shopping behaviour all around the world is rapidly evolving from brick-and-mortar selling to eCommerce (online shopping). All companies with products or services are creating online stores to sell directly to consumers. This trend has seriously advanced over the last couple of years and is starting to shape as the new way for consumers to shop, literally! AND why won't it?

It not only helps consumers save their money & time but also allows them to choose and compare with a variety of options. Similarly, with the availability of eCommerce, companies also benefit from faster buying cycles, cost reductions, affordable marketing & advertising, and so much more!

eCommerce is here to stay. It's the next 'IT' thing for brands to accomplish. With the racing competition and simultaneous updates in technology, it's also becoming harder for a lot of companies to stay in their A game. The solution here is finding a fit for the best eCommerce marketing agency that sets you apart from your competition and gives you the edge.


Introducing SFactor
to the eCommerce Industry

SFactor is an end-to-end IT and marketing agency with a key focus on digital marketing for eCommerce. We work alongside brands to build platforms that can help you get orders, manage inventory, edit product listings, calculate complex analytics, and execute everything to a T.

Here's a quick overview of what we do for you:

End-to-End eCommerce
Website Development

An eCommerce website is an actual point of contact and engagement for your audience. So, we craft eCommerce websites that are easy to access, comprehend and can handle multiple functionalities like seamless transactions, wishlisting products, entire order management, and comprehensive analysis, etc.

Social Media Marketing

Products sell when they become an imminent part of your target audience. And what better catalyst exists than social media? It's where your audience is! With help of our eCommerce marketing company, you can get access to our strategies and creative excellence with which you can gain engagement from your direct consumers.


The nature of digital presence is dynamic and with that comes the challenge of having to stay on top of trends and changes in google rankings every now and then. This is where seo for eCommerce and google shopping ads for eCommerce comes into picture. It helps you reach more potential consumers with just one click.

Email Marketing

Email marketing as a part of online marketing for eCommerce is often downplayed but when used wisely, it's a powerful agent that influences, targets, and even sustains consumers. That's what we aim to do for you.

Content and Design Support

Digital marketing for eCommerce is incomplete without content & designing. It is what backs up your robust product and takes the entire message to the audience in the right approach with an aim to increase its popularity and brand recall value.

Mobile Application
(IOS / Android)

Customers are god for every business to grow. With the help of mobile applications, we help you in giving your customers a quick and personalised buying experience. Especially, if you are an eCommerce brand, a mobile app can help you with digital growth. We create designed applications that are smooth, smart, savvy and give you a strategic edge.

Product Photography / Designing (Portfolio) / Product Studio

Product photos are your digital salesmen. If you've captured the images well, the product is bound to sell and that's what we help you with. Our online marketing for eCommerce services focus on images because we know that your sales depend on it.


Consumers are always looking for information and doing primary research for what they want to wear, eat, or use. If information relating to what they want is rightly produced and handed to them, their buying journey becomes all the more convenient.

Guest / Author Articles

Not just us, all the best eCommerce marketing agency in the world recommend for eCommerce companies to gather as many influencer reviews as possible because their reviews provide brands authenticity.


Nothing works better than showcasing real-time reviews of customers. People who have used your product are the true voice for your potential audience.

Optimization and Maintenance

eCommerce websites are a work-in-progress, its maintenance and constant optimization is what keeps it sharp and ready for customers 24X7, all throughout the year.

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